The Active Swindon Cycle Challenge offers you the chance to not only log your trips, but also keep a close eye on your progress and that of your organisation.

Register today and start enjoying the benefits of the Active Swindon Cycle Challenge website.

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How the challenge works

The idea is that you, your friends and family, and as many of your colleagues as possible hop on a bike some time over the month that the Challenge is running, logging your journeys as you make them. The length of time you ride can be as little as 5 minutes or as much as 10 hours. All journeys count towards the prize winning total.

Your workplace, department or business can engage in a bit of healthy competition against your professional rivals to see who can make more journeys on a bike. There are also spot prizes so everybody will be in with a chance to win!

It's simple and quick to take part, just register here, encourage your colleagues to do likewise and let the games begin! You can start logging your journeys at any time, but the leaderboards will be active from 1st June - 21st July, which is when the prizes will start.

There are loads of prizes that you and your colleagues could win including cinema tickets, a food hamper, supermarket vouchers and a gift for your workplace.

Everyone who registers and becomes an active participant stands an equal chance of winning a prize! A participant will be considered active when they have registered and recorded one trip.

Workplace leaderboard

The Organisations leaderboard will show the total miles cycled by an organisation, plus bonus miles earned, divided by the number of active participants per organisation.

In the event of a tie, the winner will be calculated by the percentage of active participants by total number of employees.

Earning miles

Every mile cycled will be rewarded with an equivalent number of miles towards the individual and organisation totals. In addition, bonus miles will be awarded as follows:

  • 1 bonus mile per trip made (in addition to the mile points awarded for the distance cycled);
  • 5 bonus miles if a competitor cycles and registers a trip carried out at the weekend ((you can earn 10 bonus miles if you register a trip on both Saturday and Sunday));
  • 25 bonus miles if a competitor cycles and registers trips for 7 consecutive days (100 points up for grabs!);
  • 50 bonus miles if a competitor cycles and registers a journey for all days of the Challenge!

So, if you cycle a mile for everyday of the Challenge, you could earn a whopping 255 points for your company!

Miles mean medals

Medals will be awarded to Challengers when they achieve various mileage totals (bonuses not included), with medal categories and mileage thresholds as follows:

  • Pioneer: 0-19 miles
  • Steady Climber: 20-49 miles
  • Pace Setter: 50-99 miles
  • Professional: 100-199 miles
  • Race leader: 200-349
  • Legend: 350+ miles

Check the Top Cyclists leaderboard to see how you are getting on.

Each week we will award a prize at random to a participant from each medal category.

Good luck!

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