The Blueprint process was a land-use and visioning process undertaken by the Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG) to address the growth challenges facing the Sacramento region. Much more detailed information about the process is available on their website

However, an important feature of the Blueprint for Regional Transit is that the Preferred Alternative adopted by all the jurisdictions calls for development based on seven key 'Smart Growth' principles:
  • Providing a variety of transportation choices
  • Housing choices and opportunities
  • Compact development
  • Existing assets
  • Mixed land uses
  • Preservation of open space, farmland and natural beauty through natural resources conservation
  • Encouraging distinctive, attractive communities with quality design.
The Blueprint proposes higher density, mixed-use developments that will reduce the need to travel by putting local services, recreation opportunities, shops and medical care nearer to home. This form of land use will also be served by transit which will be easy, convenient and accessible. This will allow more people to have transportation choices, using transit for some of their needs rather than always needing to use the car for every trip.

A component of the TMP will be a guide to Transit Oriented Development (TOD) delivery. Please click here for a presentation given to the Urban land Institute by our consultants, Glatting Jackson, describing development of this guide for RT.