What are the outputs of the Transit Master Plan process?

In the Fall 2008, Regional Transit staff and the consultancy team will draw together the results from the technical analysis and the outreach to formulate the details of the final Transit Master Plan. This will be a comprehensive document presenting:
  • The context and need for the new TMP;
  • The Aims, Objectives and Goals;
  • Details of the literature and peer review processes and how they have informed the development of the TMP;
  • The technical analysis, including the performance of the various scenarios;
  • Details of the results of all the outreach, highlighting how they have been used to help shape the TMP;
  • Details of how the Paratransit Plan has been integrated into the TMP;
  • A comprehensive set of new policies, initiatives and projects, including details of the implementation program (including near-term service planning changes) and corridor and local area plans; and
  • A wide-ranging review of existing and (future) potential sources of funding for the implementation and operation of the TMP proposals.
The full outputs will be as follows:
  • The main Transit Master Plan, and supporting Appendices;
  • The Short Range Transit Plan; and
  • The updated ADA/Paratransit Plan